iPhone X vs iPhone 8 (and 8 Plus): Which one you need to you buy

There are so many brands available with their best smartphones in the market nowadays. But when it comes to Apple it’s little tough to choose. But, this time if the price isn’t affecting your pocket apple made it easier for you between iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Let’s make it more clear to you with some similarities and differences.

Make your choice between iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Design ( iPhone 8 and iPhone X )

Even if you are a regular user of Apple, iPhone X’s design is quite enticing, and design of iPhone 8 is actually what you will expect from Apple, it will make you feel like iPhone 6. There is one big difference in design, Apple removed home button in iPhone X so it’s a smaller phone with a larger display. But in iPhone 8 you will find it as usual.

For some people, the home button is quite handy and they like it there. Both phones have glass back which surely looks nice but we can’t say anything about durability.  And there are so many visible fingerprints on glass material, which is eye poking. And yes you are able to go swim with this buddy and take underwater pictures because it is water resistant as it has built IP-67 and this feature is available in iPhone X & iPhone 8.

In design, the best part of iPhone X’s display, it’s enough to tempt you to buy it. Talking about available colors in market iPhone 8 have three colors – rose gold, deep space grey & silver while iPhone X has only two, space grey & silver.

Display of iPhone 8 and iPhone X

Like I said iPhone X’s display is mesmerizing that makes you look surprised. Here you can say apple created something new that leaves you tongue-tied even iPhone 8 has a pretty good display. But it’s a big difference, big screen does matter so in display iPhone X is a sure winner here with 5.8’’ Super AMOLED HDR display where iPhone8 have LCD screen which is not excellent in dark and deep colors.

Basically, iPhone X’s display works better in any condition of light. There is no problem in dark and deep colors. One thing everyone gonna like is, iPhone X has a bigger screen. But when you hold it, you will know that it’s no wider than iPhone 8.

Definitely, with different screen sizes, resolutions are different. I-Phone 8 has 1334 x 750 pixel and 16:9 aspect ratio where iPhone X has 2436 x 1225 pixel and 18:9 aspect ratio.

Camera iPhone 8 vs iPhone X

Both the phones have great cameras with 12 megapixels rear camera and 7-megapixel front camera. But Apple did a remarkable job with the camera of iPhone X. Because iPhone X has two camera system on the rear side where one is the telephoto lens and you can zoom up to 10 times. While iPhone 8 only allows you to zoom up to 5 times.  

And yes we can’t miss out this add-on feature of this baby of apple it has true depth camera (that also replaces the face ID with touch ID), with this camera system apple, served us the high-quality front facing camera which is magnificent. Apple again captured our attention to famous Animojis. Here, all of a sudden you can become an emoji, be whatever you want to be. Yes, a true depth camera can do that immediately.

Face ID or Touch ID

Like we were talking about true depth camera and removed home button or touch ID in iPhone X. Where iPhone 8 unlocks on your fingerprint/touch ID, iPhone X will be unlocked by face ID. True depth camera will project over 30000 invincible dots on your face. That’s how your phone will create a map of your face and will unlock your phone. According to apple, it works even when its dark.

If a match is found your Smartphone can be unblocked within a blink of an eye. And it is quite secure because you can’t fool it with photo, video or any kind of mask. But if you have an identical twin then you got something to worry about security.

It’s still debatable whether touch ID is better than face ID, some users will easily adapt the face ID feature. But others they are more comfortable with their old touch ID (according to them Apple should include it on the back side). In the end, it is your choice because its big difference and will create changes in your user experience.

Hardware and Software

Like we have already talked about hardware, its usual in iPhone 8. But iPhone X, you will get it with. Now well-knowing face ID feature and no home button so set your mind for that.

In software, Apple introduced all-new A11 bionic processor in both the phones that makes them 25% faster with CPU. And it will work 30% faster with graphics than its procedures and it also makes it faster in multi-tasking. It’s impressive that it’s more efficient and it matches the work of its preceding with just half energy of that. Where iPhone 8 comes with 2 GB of ram, iPhone X has 3 GB of ram.

As we know storage expansion is not allowed on iPhones. But they are available with 64 GB and 256 GB storage. So except their RAM users will have identical experience in software part.

Battery and wireless charging

We all are waiting for Apple to upgrade and reveal the future battery plans for their iPhones. As the battery life of iPhones is not great, definitely, they deserve better. The iPhone 8 has 1821 mAh and iPhone X has 2716 mAh battery.

And we can’t speak in favor of wireless charging because it’s not compatible with wired charging. According to a test on iPhone X wired charging is way faster than wireless charging. You can get it 50%  (from flat) with wired charging while slandered Qi charger or lightening adapter can charge it only 17% in 30 minutes. And it’s slightly different in iPhone 8.


Let’s not just say that iPhone X is a right choice for you. But after having this design in your hand you surely won’t regret buying it over iPhone 8 😉

After reading this post, I hope this will help you to choose between iPhone 8 and iPhone X. iPhone X will cost you a fortune. If the price is not a decision maker for you, you can have iPhone X. But the price makes the final decision for some and if you are one of them, you should go for iPhone 8.  Just go with Apple.

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