What To Look For When Buying A TV

Thinking of buying a TV it’s very simple, specially when plasma TV are almost gone and new TV like LED LCD sets are present in the market. But buying a tv online still includes many options some options are may be new for you.

In the market you’ll see many of ultra HD (UHD), or 4K, TV with greater resolution picture detail than that of HDTV, and improved contrast and color. Another question you’ll look is a regular 1080p HDTV will be good enough or if it’s worth spend money on ultra-high definition.

When buying a smart TV to stand against or hang from a wall as the centerpiece of a living room, all people thinking about two main detail : what size of TV, and how costly the TV. There’s also a newer TV technology called OLED(organic light emitting diode ) TV that reminds us of what we liked about plasmas. But right now these TVs are costly, and only large company make.

After decide what type of TV you buy, focus on getting the right size, picture quality, and a few key features. Before buying check your new TV has the connections required for equipment such as a streaming media player or sound bar. Then study about the feature which is most importance when you’re buying a new TV.

Feature Which is Require in New TV

  • Display types
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Contrast ratio
  • HDMI and USB
  • Aspect ratio
  • Refresh rate
  • Input lag
  • Display types

First things you’ll want to do before searching what type of TV you want. Is it plasma TVs,LCD TVs, LED TVs, and OLED TVs. In the market there are mainly four type of TV are present.

  • Plasma TV
  • LCD TVs
  • LED TVs
  • OLED TVs

                   feature in TV

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio shows the ability of screen to produce the range of brightness between the brightest and darkest end points. The local contrast tells you the display panel ability to display the darkest dark and brightest bright at the same time.

Wireless connectivity

Wireless connectivity
Today all the new equipment are digital and also connect with wireless. So it is also important to evaluate the Wi-Fi system feature established in the TV so your devices and TVs can connect.



It is necessary that the customer examine the number of HDMI & USB ports present in the TV to connect multiple devices.

Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio is define as the simple ratio of a TVs width with respect to its height. It doesn’t have any specific effect on the quality of the image created by the TV. It’s most important what’s plan you to view most of the time.


Before get the new TV check sound system, we know that the many low budget TV comes with good quality speakers. The picture quality might be good, But in many instance the audio will disappointed.

Refresh rate

Refresh rate of the television is defined as the number of times the pictures on the screen is refreshed per second. Hertz are used to measured it, so you might see 60Hz, 120Hz, or even 144Hz listed on the box. Greater refresh rates produce a smoother flow between picture and reduce motion blur, which is very helpful if you watch many action movies. High refresh rates can also be good for gaming.

Input Lag

It is particular importance for gamers. Input lag is the time gap between an input going into the TV and the TV creating the image, and is measured in milliseconds. When the lag is greater, doesn’t show what’s actually happening in the game. Out of the way it just making the controls feel unresponsive in a game. A long lag can make playing a fast-paced game impossible.

Studies all of these feature should make it a very easier for everyone to know what getting when buying a TV. And also check latest review before buying.

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